The Effect

Glass provides light, sight and protection...

SIGNAPUR is “the” hydrophobic, water and dirt-repelling surface finishing for glass. A clear situation that generates visible enthusiasm, By imitating the leaves of the lotus flower, glass has a self-cleaning effect and it is protected.

Thus cleaning efforts are significantly reduced and simplified. The glass is protected from damaging environmental influences, it no longer ages, Water and dirt flow away to a large extent. The penetration of lime deposits is prevented as well as the effects of acids and leaching. The glass appears brighter and transmits more light.


Glass ia a living thing and we demand a great deal of it. SIGNAPUR saves the use of cleaning agents to a large extent and thus protects the environment and, in a remarkable way, it makes us aware of the things that nature has shown us for a long time.


The Lotus effect, also Lotos effect, defines the small wettability of a surface, it can be observed at the Lotus plant. Water rolls off in drops and carries away the dirt particles from the surface.
This is realized by a miro- and nanoscaled structure on the surface, which minimizes the adhesion of pollutions.

THE EFFECT - of the lotus flower leaves



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